17 may

How do I use the Three.js FBXLoader properly?

I'm trying to use the Three.js FBXLoader and I'm fairly new to it. When I tried loading the FBX model I exported from blender though it didn't work. Were no errors in the console and It's a little frustrating.

I have tried :

  • Inflate.min.js
  • moving the camera
  • Changing the way I export in blender
  • Using OnError. (but I could be using it wrong.)
  • Etc

Here's my Javascript Code for the loader:

var loader = new THREE.FBXLoader();
loader.load('mmm.fbx', function (object) { scene.add(object) });

It was basic so I expected my model to load properly but nothing's happening. Everything else is working properly but the model isn't.



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